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Food Menu | THE YAKINIKU | Yakiniku Restaurant in Hyuga City, Miyazaki
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Chinese cabbage kimchi 330 yen
Salad 550 yen
Assorted baked vegetables 550 yen
Assorted namuls 550 yen
Boiled tongue 770 yen
Red meat in yukhoe style 1,375 yen

Tongue / Outside skirt

Beef tongue trimmings 990 yen
Wagyu premium outside skirt 1,650 yen
Premium salted tongue 1,650 yen
Thickly sliced premium salted tongue 1,980 yen


Japanese pork neck 550 yen
Japanese chicken thigh 550 yen
Japanese beef heart 660 yen
Japanese beef abomasum 660 yen
Japanese beef offal 880 yen
Wagyu red loin 1,100 yen
Wagyu loin 1,430 yen
Wagyu knuckle 1,430 yen
Wagyu eye of knuckle 1,430 yen
Wagyu short rib 1,650 yen
Wagyu tri-tip 1,650 yen
Thickly sliced Wagyu red meat 1,980 yen
Wagyu sirloin in sukiyaki style
(*2 slices of sirloin, 2 eggs, and 2 scoops of rice)
2,200 yen
Thickly sliced Wagyu sirloin 100g 2,750 yen
Thickly sliced Wagyu tenderloin 100g 3,300 yen

Yakiniku set meals

Offal set meal

Japanese beef offal
Japanese beef heart
Japanese beef abomasum
2,090 yen

Variety set meal

Beef tongue trimmings
Japanese pork neck
Wagyu red meat
Japanese beef offal
Japanese chicken thigh
Baked vegetables
3,850 yen


2 thick slices of premium salted tongue
Assortment of 4 thick slices of the day
Baked vegetables
8,800 yen

Rice, soup, and noodles

Rice 165 yen ~
Egg soup (*Can be changed to Gukbap for additional 110 yen) 550 yen
Hot stone bibimbap 550 yen
Cold noodle 550 yen
Yukgaejang (*Can be changed to Gukbap for additional 110 yen) 550 yen
Seaweed soup 550 yen


Ice cream 330 yen

*All prices include taxes.




LUNCH TIME11:00〜14:30(14:00 L.O)
DINNER TIME17:00〜22:00(21:30 L.O)


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[Business hours]
LUNCH TIME 11: 00-14: 30 (14:00 L.O)
DINNER TIME 17: 00-22: 00 (21:30 L.O)
[Scheduled holidays]

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